Aqwal Hazrat Ali Mola Ali Urdu Encyclopedia Pdf

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Book Name: Aqwal Hazrat Ali R.A
Writer: M Maghfoor Ul Haq
Muhammad Maghfoor Ul Haq is the author of the book Aqwal Hazrat Ali Pdf. The e-book carries the Aqwal e Zareen of Mola Ali R.A. He was the fourth Caliph of the Muslims. Mola Ali A.S changed into a top notch associate and cousin of the Prophet of Islam. He was the husband of Syeda Fatima R.A, the daughter of the Holy Prophet SAW.Aqwal Hazrat Ali Mola Ali Urdu Encyclopedia Pdf

Hazrat Ali R.A served Islam with his life and wealth. He fought in the wars for Islam and were given the identify of Haider e Karrar and Asad Ullah. He sat the best general of justice in his ruling time. Mola Ali had a widespread know-how of Islam and its teachings. His costs are a treasure of know-how. I hope you want the ebook Aqwal Hazrat Ali Pdf and percentage it with others.

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