Tehqeeqat e Chishti By Noor Ahmad Chishti Pdf book

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Book Name: Tehqeeqat e Chishti

Writer: Noor Ahmad Chishti

تاریخ لاہور پر یہ عمدہ تحریر ہے جس میں بہت ساری چیزوں ، مقامات ، اسکالرز ، حکمرانوں اور مزارات کو بیان کیا گیا ہے۔ مصنف نے کتاب کا آغاز ہندو راج سے کیا اور پنجاب میں مسلمانوں کے داخلے کا ذکر کیا۔ اس نے غلام خاندان ، تغلق ، خلجی ، سعادت ، لودھی ، اور مغل حکمرانی کے بارے میں بات کی۔ انہوں نے لاہور کی ترقی میں مسلمانوں کی خدمات پر تبصرہ کیا۔ جب مسلمانوں نے حکومت کا کنٹرول ختم کردیا تو سکھوں نے لاہور پر قبضہ کرلیا۔ مصنف نے لاہورhttp://irqam.com/encyclopedia-seerat-un-nabi-urdu-by-syed-irfan-pdf-book-downloud/

Encyclopedia Seerat Un Nabi Urdu By Syed Irfan Pdf book downloud

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Ibn e Insha Ka Encyclopedia By Ibn e Insha Pdf

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Book Name: Ibn e Insha Ka Encyclopedia
Writer: Ibn e Insha
Ibn e Insha is the writer of the e-book Ibn e Insha Ka Encyclopedia Pdf. Ibn e Insha became a famous humorist, columnist, and poet in Pakistan. He became very popular for his stand-up comedian articles. This ebook is a collection of his humorous essays.

Ibne Insha discussed the Indian history in his humorist style. He gives a whole lot know-how to the readers approximately the contemporary world. I wish you want the e book Ibn e Insha Ka Encyclopedia Pdf and share it along with your contacts.

Encyclopedia Tareekh e Alam Urdu Pdf Free book downloud

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Book Name: Encyclopedia Tareekh e Alam Urdu
Writer: William Leonard Langer
Translator: Ghulam Rasool Mehar
The book Encyclopedia Tareekh e Alam Pdf is an super writing on the records of the arena through William Leonard Langer. The actual e book is in English and it’s far an Urdu model by means of Ghulam Rasool Mehar. In this book, the author defined the major occasions of the sector until 1960 along with the two international wars.

William Leonard Langer turned into a well-known scholar, historian, and author who authored some super books on the records of the arena. He become the head of the records branch at Harvard University in America. I wish you like the e-book Encyclopedia Tareekh e Alam Pdf and percentage it along with your pals.

Here at the site, you could download well-known history books in pdf. You may additionally study Tareekh e Islam, Tareekh Saltanat e Khudadad, and Tareekh e Multan Urdu.

Aqwal Hazrat Ali Mola Ali Urdu Encyclopedia Pdf

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Book Name: Aqwal Hazrat Ali R.A
Writer: M Maghfoor Ul Haq
Muhammad Maghfoor Ul Haq is the author of the book Aqwal Hazrat Ali Pdf. The e-book carries the Aqwal e Zareen of Mola Ali R.A. He was the fourth Caliph of the Muslims. Mola Ali A.S changed into a top notch associate and cousin of the Prophet of Islam. He was the husband of Syeda Fatima R.A, the daughter of the Holy Prophet SAW.Aqwal Hazrat Ali Mola Ali Urdu Encyclopedia Pdf

Hazrat Ali R.A served Islam with his life and wealth. He fought in the wars for Islam and were given the identify of Haider e Karrar and Asad Ullah. He sat the best general of justice in his ruling time. Mola Ali had a widespread know-how of Islam and its teachings. His costs are a treasure of know-how. I hope you want the ebook Aqwal Hazrat Ali Pdf and percentage it with others.

Zaaton Ka Encyclopedia By E Douglas MacLagan Pdf book downloud

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Book Name: Zaaton Ka Encyclopedia
Writer: Edward Douglas Maclagan
Translator: Yasir Jawad
Yasir Jawad is the translator of this ebook Zaaton Ka Encyclopedia Pdf. This authentic textual content published in English with the name of A Glossary Of Tribes And Casts Of Punjab And NWFP. The e-book gives details about many well-known tribes, clans, and castes who’re living in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The author briefed approximately the place of birth of the vast casts and their complete tree. He defined the substantial achievements of all the tribes and discussed the function of their heroes. E.D Maclagan took most of the statistics from a report generated by means of some British officials at some stage in the crown rule in India.

Burjon Ka Encyclopedia By Abul Kashif Qadri Free Pdf

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Book Name: Burjon Ka Encyclopedia
Writer: Abul Kashif Qadri
Abul Kashif Qadri is the writer of the e book Burjon Ka Encyclopedia pdf. The e book is ready astronomy and astrology. The author mentioned the horoscope and stars. He describes the characteristics of it and impression on a human’s existence. The e-book could be very informative and beneficial for the involved people.

Abul Kashif Qadri is a non secular pupil and a writer of a few terrific books. On the alternative side, he made the astronomy and horoscope as a subject of his writings. The readers just like the Abul Kashif books on said topics. I hope you want the ebook Burjon Ka Encyclopedia pdf and proportion it.

Here on the website, you may down load Abul Kashif Qadri Books in a loose pdf. Now you could enroll in our website to get the updates. You can also read Ilm Ul Adad Ka Encyclopedia, Hikmat e Roomi, and Shama Shabistan e Raza

Ajaibat e Aalam Ka Encyclopedia Urdu Pdf book Download

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Book Name: Ajaibat e Aalam Ka Encyclopedia
Writer: Abdul Waheed
Abdul Waheed is the writer of the e-book Ajaibat e Aalam Ka Encyclopedia Pdf. The e-book incorporates the details about the wonders of the world. There are many homes, gardens, places, and matters which are bizarre in view and construction. In those phenomena a few are antique and some created inside the current age.

The e book is a collection of the wonders of all of the time. The author provides quite a few facts and expertise inside the e book. I hope you want the e book Ajaibat e Aalam Ka Encyclopedia pdf and proportion it together with your contacts

Sahaba Kiram Encyclopedia By Dr. Zulfiqar Kazim صحابہ کرام انسائیکلوپیڈیا

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Anbiya e Karam Encyclopedia fdf By Zulfiqar Kazim

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Book Name: Anbiya e Karam Encyclopedia

Writer: Dr. Zilfiqar Kazim


Dr. Zulfiqar Kazim is the author of the book Anbiya e Karam Encyclopedia Pdf. It is a collection of biographies of thirty-six prophets of Allah Almighty who came into the world for different nations. These prophets of Allah became at different times for the teachings of the people.

The author gave many useful pieces of information towards the people in which these Prophets came. He describes some significant events in their lives and the response of the people for their Dawah. Moreover, Dr. Zulfiqar Kazim took the facts from the Quran, Hadith, and trustable books. Furthermore, he told the lifespan of some religious leaders of different religions in the book that made it more informative.