60 Bakamal Khawateen By Maulana Ishaq Bhatti Pdf

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Book Name: 60 Bakamal Khawateen
Writer: Muhammad Ishaq Bhatti
Maulana Muhammad Ishaq Bhatti is the writer of the book 60 Bakamal Khawateen Pdf. It is extremely good writing that describes the biographies of the extraordinary ladies inside the records of Islam. They had been Sahabiyat and believed within the oneness of Allah Almighty and believed in the Prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad SAW.60 Bakamal Khawateen By Maulana Ishaq Bhatti Pdf

Those ladies performed a significant role in the records of Islam. They sacrificed their wills and got the pride of Allah, and his Rasool SAW. The creator talked about their achievements and offerings for Islam. He provided their lives as a role model for Muslim women inside the modern-day time.

Maulana Ishaq Bhatti was a well-known scholar of Islam and writer. He belonged to Ahlehadith college of thought and served Islam together with his pen. In his life, he authored many remarkable books in history and biography. I wish you want the ebook 60 Bakamal Khawateen Pdf and proportion it together with your friends on distinct social media platforms.

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