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سیرت خلفائے راشدین رضوان اللہ علیھم اجمعین پر پہلی غیر منقوط (اردو معری میں لکھی گئی) کتاب

Niji Zindagi Ki Tareekh By Dr Mubarak Ali Pdf book downloud

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Book Name: Niji Zindagi Ki Tareekh
Writer: Dr. Mubarak Ali
Dr. Mubarak Ali is the writer of the e-book Niji Zindagi Ki Tareekh Pdf. It is outstanding writing at the concept of private existence in the past. The author mentioned the individual lifestyles idea in Romans, Iranian, and inside the west. He quoted many thinkers and philosophers who wrote about it. He compared the ideology of the beyond with current theories about private lifestyles.

Dr. Mubarak Ali is a well-known writer, educationist, columnist, and historian. In his lengthy writing career, he authored dozens of books on records and other topics. Mubarak Ali has a battle with different intellectuals and historians about some events and theories. Moreover, he’s writing a daily column in a newspaper and delivering lectures in distinctive institutes. I wish you like the ebook Niji Zindagi Ki Tareekh Pdf and share it.