Aap Kay Sir Per By Asar Nomani Download Free BOOK FUNNY BOOK


Book Name: Aap Kay Sir Per

Writer: Asar Nomani


Asar Nomani writes the book Aap Kay Sir Per Pdf. It is another excellent, funny book by Asar Nomani, which he writes in his unique style. The author described a short story in his entertaining manner. He introduced some unusual characters and events in the book. Asar Nomani mentioned the foolishness of some people who brings the fun by their acts and entertains others.

Asar Nomani is a famous story writer and translator of Urdu. He wrote many Urdu comic novels with the name of the Shugufta series. Moreover, Asar Nomani is an excellent writer of the Urdu language. He continually writes in monthly digests and translates many stories in Urdu from other words. I hope you like the book Aap Kay Sir Per Pdf and share it.

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Hazir Ghaib Novel By Azhar Kaleem MA Pdf FUNNY BOOK DOWNLOUD


Azhar Kaleem MA is the author of the book Hazir Ghaib Novel Pdf. It is an excellent suspense, comedy, and moral story which describes the life of a strange man. He wanted to get the power of present or disappear. He acted foolish which force to laugh the people around him.

Azhar Kaleem MA is a top story writer, humorist, and established novelist of Urdu. He started to write in the digests and penned many brilliant stories and novels. He had the quality to bound the readers to read the story. I hope you like the book Hazir Ghaib Novel Pdf and share it.

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Bazm e Araiyan By Col Muhammad Khan FUNNY Pdf BOOK


Book Name: Bazm e Araiyan

Writer: Col Muhammad Khan


Col. Muhammad Khan is the author of the book Bazm e Araiyan Pdf. He was a great writer and known for his humorist books. He authored many little books, but his work considered a quality job. The author got fame through his comic books and unique writing style.

Col Muhammad Khan was an army officer in the Pakistan army. He worked as a staff member in the ISPR department for many years. It was the time when some other legends of the Urdu literary history were also working with him. Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Syed Zameer Jafri, Shafiq Ur Rehman, and Siddique Salik had good relations with Col Muhammad Khan. The readers of Urdu can’t forget their services for the progress of Urdu humor.

Col Muhammad Khan wrote some quality books in his natural humorist style like Bajang Amad, Basalamat Ravi, Bazm e Araiyan Pdf. It was the quality of  Muhammad Khan that he used short and simple sentences in his books. Col Muhammad Khan narrated many of the incidents and events of his life in a humorist way. He satire on the evils of society in an intellectual form.

The book contains short stories and articles on social and romantic issues of our community. Some short stories of the books also added to our educational syllabus. I hope you will like the book Bazm e Araiyan Pdf and share it with your friends. You may even read Bajang AmadKhakam Badahan, and Shagoofay.

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