Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel By Nimra Ahmed Pdf

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Book Name: Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel
Writer: Nimra Ahmed
Nimra Ahmed is the writer of the ebook Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel Pdf. Nimra Ahmed is a totally proficient younger novelist of Urdu. She supplied some masterpieces in some years to the readers. In her profession, she authored Jannat Kay Pattay, Namal, and Mushaf.Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel By Nimra Ahmed Pdf

The e-book is set the love of a mother who had a disabled toddler. She took him out of the town for the sake of her son and had a preference to made him like an average man or woman. The tale suggests the nature of the affection of a mother and her toddler. I hope you want the e book Pahari Ka Qaidi Novel

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