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Book Name: Seerat e Halbiya Urdu
Writer: Qazi Burhan Ud Din Halabi
Qazi Burhan Ud Din Halabi is the author of the e book Seerat e Halbiya Urdu Pdf. He turned into a well-known scholar of Islam and a exceptional historian within the eleventh century of Hijrah. He authored a book named Seerat Al Halbiya (Seerat e Halbiya Complete)within the Arabic language which was well-known for the duration of the world. This e book translated into many different languages of the sector.

The book Seerat e Halbiya Urdu pdf carries lifespan, wars, characters, activities, and the preaching of Islam. The writer took all the references from the genuine books like Seerat Ibn e Hasham, Seerat Ibn e Ishaq, Tabqat Ibn e Saad, and many others. He quoted many Muhaddiths and Mufassirs for the translation of applicable subjects — the book tributed by using the scholars of all time.